Contemporary design and composition of volumes

The building gently nestles into the hilly terrain, adapting its three levels to the morphology of the area, creating a terraced effect. Indeed, the three levels shift towards each other, creating spaces affected by the surface left free by the lower levels. Terraces and a swimming pool find their ideal placement in these areas. Two external staircases create a pathway in the garden, facilitating access to different levels. The first connects the entrance directly to the upper floors, while the second staircase on the west side links the top level to the pool. Externally, the building features a uniform white plaster finish. Automatic wooden screens help protect the extensive glass surfaces on the south and east sides, lending the structure a distinctive character. The first level houses technical rooms such as the laundry and garage, while the upper levels accommodate the living spaces. The second level comprises two bedrooms, the master bedroom, three bathrooms, a spa, and social spaces like the gym and hobby area. Externally, the spacious terrace provides access to the pool. The upper level unfolds an open space for the kitchen and dining room.


The chosen material for the building structure is concrete, followed by an external insulation system that ensures high energy efficiency. The building technology is particularly advanced, incorporating innovative systems such as geothermal heating, solar panels contributing to pool water heating, a ventilation system (VMC), and home automation to control various settings (security system, curtain control, internal lighting, and sauna).


Type: New residential single-family building
Construction Technology: Concrete structure with external insulation
Area: 830 sqm
Intervention Area: 900 sqm

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