The project involves the renovation of a 2,000 square meter industrial warehouse and the demolition of an old silo that has been inactive for over 30 years.

The existing building is constructed with masonry, and the roof support structure consists of wooden trusses, which will be removed and replaced with metal frame portals to support the new, elevated roof.

A roof refurbishment has been carried out, involving the removal of asbestos present in the fiber-cement sheets covering the roof, which were replaced with insulated metal panels.

The creation of a new access ramp allows vehicles to enter directly from the main road, and excavation on the opposite side forms an exit ramp for the warehouse, designated as a garage.

Due to the proximity of the railways, special attention has been given to the excavation methods, with the installation of retaining piles at the base of the slope.

The complexity of the project also arose from the fact that electricity and gas supplies were shared with the adjacent warehouse. Therefore, coordination was necessary during the installation phase to avoid interruptions to the supplies and allow the neighboring facility to continue its operations.

Encotech SA was entrusted with Site Supervision, Project Management, and Cost Control.

For this project, we provided these services:

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