To support you in the realization of your projects, we have built a multidisciplinary team to assist you in every aspect of what you are building, and we work with Agile methodologies to ensure results within the times and costs you have planned.

A method to guarantee
results in certain times and costs

Operating in a VUCA market like today’s, we have understood over the years that using traditional Project Management methods is outdated.
For this reason, several years ago, we chose to organize ourselves by adopting Agile methodologies for the organization of our activities. An adaptive method that allows us to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of our work, improve performance, and ensure our clients achieve their goals.

Our company is organized into self-managed teams capable of managing every aspect of the problem autonomously and independently.

Each team manages multiple projects simultaneously in a transversal manner, dynamically managing progress.

The execution priorities of the various activities are updated to adapt to the real existing situations.

The SCRUM team is transversal and is responsible for supervising the overall execution of all projects, ensuring that deadlines, costs, and quality of implementation are met.

“Never do work that you don’t think is good.

You either give your customer something good, or you don’t. There is no ‘try’.”


― Jeff Sutherland, The Power of Scrum


Project Management

Project Management

Today, the world of construction is increasingly complex and requires increasingly specialized technical skills in various sectors. Feasibility studies, projects, surveys, and monitoring, as well as implementation, are often carried out by different subjects, and more and more professionals and entities are involved. For these reasons, the need for a figure that goes beyond the specialized attributions of each technician and is able to coordinate and plan the activities of each and provide a technical contribution to them has emerged.

How can a project manager help you?

  • Monitors the evolution of the project over time
  • Ensures the achievement of the set objectives
  • Plans activities and implementation times
  • Optimizes and directs resources towards achieving the objectives
  • Determines the costs
  • Defines and controls quality standards
  • Monitors and controls activities on-site
Works Management

Works Management

We provide the client with a high-level organization and staff dedicated to Works Management. We ensure compliance with current legislative provisions and regulations, verify that the works are carried out to a high standard and in compliance with the project and the contract, and guarantee continuous assistance on-site, providing immediate responses to the requests and/or reservations of the company, and preparing the necessary supplementary projects.

What can a Works Manager do for you?

  • Provides continuous and attentive assistance to the client’s needs from the preliminary stages to the final inspection
  • Assumes responsibility for the works in the full interest of the client and the good execution of the work
  • Oversees projects both nationally and internationally
  • Manages projects with on-site personnel
  • Ensures the assignment of the project to professionals registered in the appropriate registers required by current professional regulations
Design and Administrative Practices

Design and Administrative Practices

We provide consulting for design from the preliminary phase to the realization of the construction documents. We study the project and propose technical solutions that meet the needs of all the figures involved, ensuring that there are no imbalances between the technical needs of the specialists and the aesthetic quality required by the architect. We also handle the preparation of all the As Built documentation.

How can Encotech support you in design, administrative practices, and obtaining permits?

  • Studies technical solutions that meet the needs of all technical figures involved
  • Ensures there are no conflicts between technical and aesthetic requirements
  • Prepares all the As Built documentation
  • Submits and signs the administrative paperwork in both Switzerland and Italy, allowing the obtainment of all permits and authorizations
Client Representative

Client Representative

In the field of construction, particularly in the presence of a General Contractor responsible for the execution of all works, a key professional figure is the Client Representative, or the company that takes on the task of assisting the Client in dealing with the company executing the works.

Why hire Encotech as a Client Representative?

  • Represents the client in dealing with the company carrying out the works
  • Constantly defends the interests of the client
  • Constantly verifies compliance with deadlines and costs
  • Guarantees the quality of the work by supervising high-level works
  • Protects the privacy of the end client
General Contractor

General Contractor

In the context of construction works, with specific but not exclusive reference to the Retail sector, Encotech is fully capable of offering itself to the Client as a General Contractor, assuming full responsibility for the entire realization process and thus positioning itself as the unique and only interlocutor to the end Client.

Why Encotech as a General Contractor?

  • A single interlocutor for all aspects of work realization (from design, composition of the technical team, Project Management, to administrative and legal aspects)
  • Can rely on extensive field experience
  • Can rely on a flexible and efficient working method
  • Ensures compliance with implementation times and costs
Site and Construction Management

Site and Construction Management

In the presence of particularly complex construction sites in terms of size, logistics, or special requirements imposed by the Work Program, we offer the Client a Site Management service, which involves a constant, full-time presence on the construction site, dedicating one or more resources according to expressed needs and the complexity of the context.

Why should you have a Site and Construction Manager?

  • Has the ability to care for and pay attention to any aspect of the construction process
  • Is familiar with activities that go beyond normal Works Management
  • Oversees the entire realization process
  • Focuses on organizing the process and resources, generating time and cost savings
Coaching & Co Creation (for corporate offices)

Coaching & Co Creation (for corporate offices)

Through coaching sessions and the organization of dedicated Work Groups, we develop Shared Projects, which mature internally within the company and therefore absorb its characteristics and deep needs even better, which would otherwise struggle to emerge. In this way, the offices truly meet the needs of those who will inhabit them.

Why do you get better offices with coaching?

  • Those who will inhabit the offices share their needs during dedicated focus groups
  • Design is not only spatial but takes into account the real dynamics of work
  • Design that meets the needs and work dynamics increases company productivity
Partners for real estate projects in Switzerland

Partners for real estate projects in Switzerland

We offer ourselves as a local partner for projects in Switzerland, both in direct support of the end client and in support of foreign companies that need assistance and a partner to operate beyond borders. Thanks to our experience in the area, combined with the multidisciplinarity of the team, we can provide all the necessary support to investors, designers, or foreign executors who need a local partner to enter the Swiss construction sector.

How can we help you operate in the Swiss territory?

  • Responding to your specific requests with the experience of those who have completed many projects of the most diverse nature
  • Evaluating land, real estate, investments
  • Assembling a team of professionals (e.g., legal experts, notaries, trustees) who can secure your investment
  • Assembling a technical team capable of realizing any work
  • Engaging with institutions for all administrative and regulatory aspects
  • Supporting the bid office of general companies intending to participate in a public tender in Switzerland