The intervention is located in the heart of Milan at the intersection of the prestigious Via Manzoni and Via Fatebenefratelli. In a spacious commercial area of over 1000 square meters spread across three levels, with a facade featuring 15 windows, a significant store is set up for the high-end kitchen appliances brand, Signature Kitchen Suite, belonging to the LG Electronics group. The space is completely redesigned by the Milanese studio CalvieBrambilla, incorporating classic elements of Milanese tradition both in the materials and patterns of the terrazzo and parquet flooring and in the choice of furnishings, which are from some of the greatest contemporary Milanese designers.

The project skillfully exploits the interplay of volumes that animate the space, at times becoming double, single, or triple height. Spaces with different functions thus overlook each other, creating a homogeneous whole with heterogeneous languages.


The new commercial concept developed by SKS, which not only manufactures appliances but also produces products to enhance food and cooking culture, is strongly reflected in the architectural project. In the mezzanine, a cooking class room with seven stations is placed, on the ground floor, a space for show cooking, a triple-height lobby that appears to be a pot with steel walls made from wine cellars, and a LED wall with food-related projections. Finally, a spacious underground area reproduces the classic spaces of an apartment with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc., skillfully furnished with classic elements of Milanese design, housing the flagship appliances of the LG brand.


In partnership with Battaglia arredamenti, Encotech, for this intervention, played the role of General Contractor entrusted with all the work related to the renovation of the commercial space, from the fit-out of the existing layout to the turnkey delivery and complete furnishing of the new store.


In particular, Encotech handled the management of the entire contract, building permits, site supervision, and project management. Furthermore, Encotech was tasked with the design and implementation of air conditioning systems, air exchange, hood extraction, electrical systems, and special installations.

For this project, we provided these services:

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