An important foreign company decided to establish its new central headquarters in Milan, following a modern concept to create a pleasant working environment by prioritizing individuals and improving the quality of life and, consequently, work, leading to increased productivity.

The company seized the opportunity to showcase new working principles in its new offices, specifically:

  • Increasing the effectiveness of data and communication flow within the organization.
  • The flexible and modular design of workspaces allows for a rapid response to the continuously evolving market demands.
  • Modern and efficient workspaces support individual activities, and a pleasant, high-quality environment enhances team spirit and collaboration.
  • Implementation of new technologies for materials and warehouse management.

The stated objectives were achieved with minimal investment costs through a thorough analysis of each expense item and a detailed and punctual market search for suppliers. The project figures include:

  • 2,500 square meters of offices on 6 floors.
  • 400 square meters of warehouse.
  • Underground parking for 50 cars.
  • Full accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Technical laboratory.
  • Meeting rooms of various sizes.
  • Showroom, cafeteria, and ancillary spaces.

Encotech SA was selected as the Project Manager for the project.

Primary tasks carried out by Encotech SA:

  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Tender Management
  • Construction Management
  • As-Built Documentation
  • Final Testing

The project’s delivery date and budget were fundamental points, and both were successfully achieved.

For this project, we provided these services:

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