New construction in Giubiasco composed of three blocks with a cross plan

At the floor plan level, the project, consisting of three cross-shaped blocks arranged in a courtyard, is situated as the northern head of the entire block in which it is located. On the ground floor, a large slightly elevated green area serves as a natural podium for the building and hosts a recreational space. The three buildings feature articulated facades in the upper sections and roof to facilitate the integration of technical systems.


The building is constructed with cast-in-place concrete. The internal divisions are made of brick or drywall to ensure maximum acoustic comfort. The thermal insulation is particularly high, ensuring the maximum performance of the CECE certification in terms of energy efficiency. This is further enhanced by a heating system with an air-water heat pump and a photovoltaic panel system located on a large portion of the flat roof. The photovoltaic system is sized not only for the building’s needs but also for selling the resulting electricity to the grid, providing a significant economic benefit.


The development of the entire project in BIM will not only bring advantages in the design and execution phases but also significant optimizations in the future management and maintenance of the building.


Encotech SA has been entrusted with the entire Executive Design (Architecture, Structures, Systems, Construction Physics, Fire Safety, Geology, and Geotechnics), BIM Management, Project Management, Procurement, Construction Supervision, and Commissioning.

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