The Trek bicycle store is located in Biel, a town strategically positioned between Bern and the Swiss Jura. As the brand’s first store opened in Switzerland, it spans 750 square meters divided between sales areas and service areas dedicated to bicycle maintenance and storage.

The entire store concept is developed by Trek, an American company, following their guidelines and the same standards they adopt in their retail outlets worldwide.

The sales and showroom spaces are large open spaces with an industrial style, featuring exposed electrical and mechanical systems. Each store is equipped with dedicated workspaces for bicycle maintenance, a fundamental aspect that Trek consistently provides for its customers.

The Biel space is an independent building with a ground floor of 500 square meters, facing the street with 5 windows, and a mezzanine of 250 square meters open in double height above the lower floor.

For this project, Encotech acted as the General Contractor for all civil and system works of the store, delivering to the client a space ready for the installation of all furnishings. Encotech then managed the project, including material ordering and coordinating the companies involved in carrying out the work.

For this project, we provided these services:

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