We guarantee the execution of work to the highest standards within the specified timeframe, adhering to the budget and regulations, with a constant on-site presence.

What can a Works Manager do for you?

We provide the client with a high-level organization and staff dedicated to Works Management. We ensure compliance with current legislative provisions and regulations, verify that the works are carried out to a high standard and in compliance with the project and the contract, and guarantee continuous assistance on-site, providing immediate responses to the requests and/or reservations of the company, and preparing the necessary supplementary projects.

  • Provides continuous and attentive assistance to the client’s needs from the preliminary stages to the final inspection
  • Assumes responsibility for the works in the full interest of the client and the good execution of the work
  • Oversees projects both nationally and internationally
  • Manages projects with on-site personnel
  • Ensures the assignment of the project to professionals registered in the appropriate registers required by current professional regulations