We support construction companies that need to carry out real estate projects in Switzerland by offering ourselves as a local partner and project manager.

How can we help you operate in the Swiss territory?

We offer ourselves as a local partner for projects in Switzerland, both in direct support of the end client and in support of foreign companies that need assistance and a partner to operate beyond borders. Thanks to our experience in the area, combined with the multidisciplinarity of the team, we can provide all the necessary support to investors, designers, or foreign executors who need a local partner to enter the Swiss construction sector.

  • Responding to your specific requests with the experience of those who have completed many projects of the most diverse nature
  • Evaluating land, real estate, investments
  • Assembling a team of professionals (e.g., legal experts, notaries, trustees) who can secure your investment
  • Assembling a technical team capable of realizing any work
  • Engaging with institutions for all administrative and regulatory aspects
  • Supporting the bid office of general companies intending to participate in a public tender in Switzerland