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ENCOTECH SA Information and communication Technology’s services

Ad hoc system implementation customized for different needs.

The Encotech ICT business unit offers to own customers different kind of services: from complex projects realization to specific problems resolutions, from expert advices to training. All the services provided by Encotech have as first goal to fulfill the clients needs in term of quality, development time and costs.

Encotech strongest field is the System Integration: turnkey solutions developed through the pre-existent software integrated with ad hoc module production. That means to create real work tools in order to increase productivity, decrease time and costs and, so far, helping companies to concentrate on their own business preventing them to be distracted by technological issues.

To ensure the dialogue between different applications through independent interfaces it means allowing companies to use their applications and to resort to other applications available on the web, therefore companies can offer a more efficient service or a complete new one.

Since years and years, the daily nature of Encotech is to improve and optimize the company business process through web or client server applications, on Microsoft, Unix or smartphone platforms, all designed considering potentialities of architectures oriented to services.

Encotech can also offer training courses at different levels on well known technologies; Academic courses as an introduction to a specific technology, as well as ad hoc courses tailored on customer needs . For example it is possible to define a tutoring on an internal project. Encotech consultants define the architecture and the design in order to allow a mixed group (Encotech/client) to develop the project correctly raising the company skills (preventing the common errors due to the lack of technology knowledge).

Ad hoc system implementation customized for different needs.