The project involves the renovation and expansion of a villa from the 1950s in Lugano.
The project of the villa keeps the original facade of the house on the south side and creates additions to the building. The villa, which has two floors, has a total of 500 square meters.
The interiors perfectly reflect the canons of high-level design, with fine finishes, and all the furnishings are made to measure and customized according to customer’s needs and requests.
The exterior of the villa has large gardens facing the Lugano Lake, an exposed concrete swimming pool and a three floors outbuilding, which was built with a prefabricated wooden structure. The whole property is equipped with a home automation system and environment management that can be managed remotely.

ENCOTECH has taken over the Site and Construction Management of the project and works in collaboration with Studio Dimore of Milan, which took over the responsibility of the Art Director.