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Gas Analyzers Laser Spectroscopy OA-ICOS LGR

Trace gases and stable isotopes analysis in air/water/soil/food

ENCOTECH is the official provider for LGR laser spectroscopy OA-ICOS gas analyzers.
With the LGR gas analysers provided by Encotech it is possible to analyse in an extremely precise and quick manner the gases in the world around us. That is possible either by means of the quantitative analysis of trace gases, or by means of isotopic analysis concerning the nature of the analysed component.

From gases to water (in the different states), everything can be directly analysed in the field, also without the human presence thanks to the LGR’s laser OA-ICOS technology.

By means of the isotopic analysis and trace gases is possible to monitor the changes and the different origins of the world around us: air, water (hydrological basins, rivers, streams, glaciers), food and beverages, etc.
Encotech can recommend to the clients the most appropriate LGR Analysers for their own interests, without leaving the clients after the sale. Encotech is careful about the installation service, training and support after-sale (both technical/maintenance and analytical), due to give the best support for every client’s research.

Trace gases and stable isotopes analysis in air/water/soil/food