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Project Management

To manage the project from the initial idea through to its realization.

Today the world of construction is becoming more complex and requires more and more specialized technical expertise in various fields.
Feasibility studies, projects, surveys, monitoring and construction are often carried out by different subjects and are involved more and more professionals and government agencies.
For these reasons it is imposed the need for a figure that coordinate the capacity of each technician, and that it is able to plan the activities of each, giving a technical contribution to the same.

The project manager must be able to follow the evolution of the project over time, ensuring the achievement of the objectives set and ensuring proper project management.
Encotech deals with the planning and control of the project, optimizing and directing resources towards achieving the goals set by the client.
Time Planning, Cost controlling, definition of quality standards, controls on construction site, are the main tasks of the Project Management, and have priority in the activities of Encotech.

To manage the project from the initial idea through to its realization.