On the summit of Mt. Cimone there is an important research station for the study of the atmosphere and climate changes where the Institute of Atmosphere and Climate Sciences of the National Research Council, the General Office for Air Force Meteorology, the Environmental Radiochemistry Center of the University of Bologna, the Faculty of Environmental Sciences of the University of Urbino, the Joint Researche Center - Center of the European Community based in Ispra and the National Institute for Scientific Research and Technology on the Mountain.
The scientific research activity carried out on the highest peak of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines allows to study and analyze the concentrations and trends of different atmospheric compounds and the chemical-physical processes to which they are subject.
 Since the Station is completely automated, most of the instruments are controlled remotely directly by the CNR of Bologna, thanks to a broadband satellite connection. The Cimone Station also allows to host experimental activities in the context of national and international measurement campaigns, which have already led to the operation of several foreign researchers and technicians at the CNR Station.

Aeronautica Militare bought a Picarro G2301 to monitor Ch4 and CO2 concentration in the air