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Technologies and methodologies of Information and communication Technology

Knowledge in depth of the best ICT technologies

Concerning the development of its applications and software products, Encotech uses both proprietary technologies (Microsoft. Net, SharePoint and first of all SQL) and open sources (Java, LAMP, HTML5, JavaScript, XLM and so on) depending on the context. Actually, there is no above better solution, but case by case one can be better than the other can, independently from functional requirements.

LTechnologies are steered by a design approach, which prefer to use development methodologies ( Agile type). These methodologies endorse an approach focused on releasing frequently intermediate releases to the customer in short intervals of time ;working releases and high quality releases , sometimes integrated with prototyping as a subset of the overall project.

The strong additional knowledge of Internet communications protocols, as well as the systems and databases expertise enlarge and integrate Encotech ICT team culture. Hence, Encotech team always approaches problems and projects in positive, proactive and expert way.

Knowledge in depth of the best ICT technologies