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Information and communication Technology

Customized system implementation for companies with different needs/requirements

The ICT, Information and Communication Technology leads to great results in term of processes and resources streamlining, costs decrease, decision and control assistance.

Encotech consultancy helps in taking the right decision in ITC and information systems. The aim is to obtain the best results as a compromise between quality, costs and delivery time. That result can be reached both with the collaboration of an IT department directly integrated into the company, or managed independently supporting the company business management in order to allow him to concentrate in company’s development instead of technological issues.

Encotech can work both as VAR and as ISV. It can offer whole software solutions based on commercial products, as well as ad hoc solutions covering different functional areas. Actually, as a first goal for ICT, each organization needs open solutions either integrated or which can be integrated with other software, platform and/or hardware in order to improve and optimize the business processes, and the quality of work. The ITC main purpose is to be a support tool for the company, a concrete aid in problem solving rather than an obstacle.

More than a classical commitment, Encotech would like to be a support in developing innovative solutions. Actually data collection is no more a problem today; it is instead essential to access and integrate these information. By now computers surrounds us (IOT, Internet of Things): cars, motorways, instruments, electrical appliances and so on. Encotech intends to be a partner with the task of integrating all these information, developing projects to innovate the world we live.

Customized system implementation for companies with different needs/requirements