direzione lavori

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Works direction

Controllo del cantiere per una buona esecuzione dell’opera

ENCOTECH provides the client an organization and a staff of highly professional dealing with construction management.
ENCOTECH monitors compliance with the laws and regulations, controls that works are properly executed and in accordance with the contract, guarantees continuous assistance on site and provides the necessary supplementary projects.
ENCOTECH provides continuous care and attention to the needs of the customer starting from the preliminary stages to the acceptance of work and assumes Direction of Works with responsibility in the best interests of the client and of good execution of the work.

ENCOTECH thanks to its resources is able to follow projects both nationally and internationally, by sending their staff on site, a necessary condition for a proper construction supervision. Encotech works direction is managed by professionals registred in the professional associations.

Controllo del cantiere per una buona esecuzione dell’opera