The new building project in Located in Aurigeno, specifically in Valmaggia. 
The new construction hosts primary dwellings, instead the pre-existance building will keep its original function of deposit and hobby room. 
The architectural project started from an analysis of the architectural elements of the context, willing to integrate the new building among the archiitectural panorama. The building represents the archetype of the house with simple, compact shapes and wide glass surfaces. 
The dwelling is organised on two levels for a total of 160 square meters gross. 
The openings frames are made of laminated wood which are characterised by high energy performances and they’ll have the double function of linking with the external spaces and maximising the passive energetic contribution during the winter time.

The system building-plant has been studied to adopt the best solution according to energy performances so to reach the minimum level of heating and cooling requested quantities. The energy project involved solutions as thermal insulation, the use of thermal mass for microclimatic control, soft approaches for natural ventilation and lightning, use of eco-friendly products and adequate.

The wooden structure of the building in some parts such as for the walls and the roof is composed with the technique of the frame-structure where it is inserted a layer of rice straw. For the slab is used the technique of Xlam. The wooden structure laid on a concrete foundation. 
The materials used for the building are mainly natural, starting from the wooden structure and the insultaion made of rice straw for the internal walls, the roof and walls against the ground. 
Both the internal walls components are made of clay as well, such for the slabs and the plaster, while lime plaster is used fot the exteriors.    

Typology: new residential single-family building and reuse of the preexisting
Construction technology: wooden frame and Xlam
Surface: 160 mq (new building) + 55 mq (preexisting)
Intervention area: 750 mq