The space taken from a building used for industrial purposes which easily gets along with Genny activities (designing and production of innovative electrical wheelchair) is characterized by one big area of 300 square meters. The project, designed by Encotech, focuses on a new livability of the spaces highlighting the innovative and worthy activities which take place.
The project begins with the substitution of the external windows, (the new ones run from the bottom to the top) which has allowed to gain a new quality of light for the interiors. Moreover, the chosen thermal-break windows aim to improve the interior performances thanks its technology.
The minimalistic internal glass panels which divide the whole space into small offices, meeting rooms and a co-working, also contribute to give a feeling of transparency and lightning as well while guaranteeing a good level of privacy.
The new electrical system arrangements allowed to create flexible spaces and play with the artificial lightning. The particular contemporary and vivid atmosphere is reached through a precise color choice for ceiling and walls, especially for what concern the blackboard walls. Those choices also reflect the modus operandi of the workers: creativity and ideas sharing. 

Encotech is involved in :Site Management,Design, Project Management, Interior Design