The new Giubiasco Building is composed by three blocks which hosts 48 dwellings organized on 5 levels and commercial spaces at the ground floor. The total above ground square meters are 3’500. The building has a big garage in the basement with 54 parking lots, technical compartments and cellars which are organized in a level of 2’150 square meters.
The project is composed by 3 blocks organized as a cross plan and which create a central courtyard. The building represents the north head in the urban block where it is located. In the ground level a wide hilly green area creates a natural podium for the building and where open-air activities take place. The facades become articulated and sophisticated in the level of the crowning element and the roof to host the technical compartments.
The building structure is made by cast-in-place concrete. The internal walls are instead built in bricks or drywalls so to guarantee the maximum acoustic comfort.
The thermal insulation guarantees the maximum performance of the CECE certification, according to energy efficiency which is assured by a heating system of air-water heat pump and by solar panels placed on the flat roof. The solar panels are designed to satisfy the building needs but also to sell the electricity to the manager, with a remarkable economic benefit.
The project development through the BIM software will allow to have advantages both in the designing and executive phase, buto it will also provide great managing and maintenance optimizations for future interventions.
Encotech SA has been in charge of the entire Executive Phase (Architecture, Structure, Plants, Building Construction Physics, Fire System, Geology and Geothermic), the BIM Management, Project Management, Contracts, Construction Supervisor and Commissioning.