The single-family new dwelling is located in Savosa, a district of Canton Ticino. The architecture shows a contemporary language with rational, minimal lines and volumes composition. The building gently lay in the hilly ground adopting its three levels to the morphology of the area creating a terraced effect. Indeed, the three levels are shifted to one another and interesting spaces are created form the surface left free from the lower levels. There terraces and a swimming pool find their place.
Two external staircases create a path in the garden which help reaching the different levels. The first one connects the entrance directly with the upper floors and it leads each level terrace and to the garden in the last level. The second stair, on the west side, instead links the last level with the swimming pool in the first level.
Externally the building is characterized by a homogeneous white plaster as external finishing. Automatic and wooden screenings help protecting the wide and long glass surfaces towards south and east sides which also give an original its character.
The first level hosts technical compartments as the laundry room and the garage, while in the upper levels find place the house spaces. The second level have two bedrooms, the master room, three bathrooms, the spa and some social spaces such as the gym and the hobby area. Externally the wide terrace gives access to the swimming pool. The upper level develops an open space for the kitchen and the dining room. On the other half of the plan a more private area

Construction system and natural materials :
The chosen material for the structure of the building is the concrete which is followed with an external insulation system which guarantees high performances in terms of energy efficiencies.
The technology of the building is particularly advanced thanks to the use of innovative plants: geothermal plant, solar panels which also contribute to heat the water of the swimming pool, vmc plant and home automation from which the client will have the control on numerous settings (security system, curtains control, internal lightning and sauna).

Construction technology: concrete structure and external insulation
Surface: 830 mq
Intervention area: 900 mq