An important foreign company has taken the opportunity of this Headquarter relocation to implement an office environment which enforces new working principles, and more specifically the given targets were:

·       improve effectiveness of workflow through fluent communication in the organization,

.       flexible design allowing for an easy work space modification responding to fast and continuous market changes,

·       efficient and modern work spaces providing the KDIT staff with proper supports in each activity

·       pleasant and qualified work environment improving the “team feeling” of the staff,

·       new efficient technologies to manage materials and warehouse.

The targets above have been achieved with the minimum cost investment, through a very careful analysis of each expense, detailed market research of contractors and suppliers, design reviews, value engineering and with the support of professional design and management consultants working in full coordination with company directors and New Office internal teams.Main project data are the following: 2.500 sq.m of Offices on six floors; 400 sq.m of warehouse; underground parking with 50 places; full accessibility for disabled; automatic warehouse management; technical laboratory; meeting rooms of different sizes; training rooms; show room; conference room; infirmary; canteen and support spaces.

Encotech SA has been selected as Project Manager for the Office Relocation Project 

.  Encotech SA main services have been the following:

.  Project Management;

.  Overview of the Landlord’s renovation works ensuring a proper communication flow;

.  Planning;

·  Cost control;

·  Procurement of all tenant’s works managing 10 different tenders, and minor supplies;

·  Value engineering;

·  Construction Management;

·  As built documentation collection and control

· Final tests

The move-in date and the budget were specific challenging targets, and they have been both fully achieved.