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ENCOTECH is a company whose founders have been working for more than 20 years in Construction, Scientific Equipment and Information and Communication Technology. Encotech has a long experience in both Italian and international markets. Encotech extensive expertise and experience, alongside the skills of internal staff, is the goal-oriented corporate philosophy.Above all – the flexibility of Encotech organization and the operations management system enable the company to provide professional services during the whole lifecycle of a project. Encotech can assume the full control and responsibility operating in specific sectors, based on our Clients’ needs and demands. Encotech intends to propose itself as a strong, concrete and innovator partner for its Clients, to help them in the study and realisation of their projects. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to Encotech business and the company always operates exclusively in the interest of the clients themselves.


Services of excellence for a world of specializations.


  • Developing long-lasting relationships with our Clients, suppliers and partners, assisting them for all their needs.
  • Promoting innovation technology in different markets, due to improve the operating methods and the quality of life.